It’s Gonna Get Better.

Lately it seems that my signs are coming by way of songs. Often I get so busy with the tasks of each day and the responsibilities of my many jobs, that I feel pressed to find my inspiration. So often lately, the minute this comes to my mind, a sign appears.

Today again, it’s come in a song.

Of course I had to share it with you!

With love,



From The Angels:

Scientists and theologians agree: optimism is the healthiest way to live. You are asked at this time to revive your belief that life is unfolding in positive ways.

You are a powerful, loving, and creative child of God. You are very loved.

“You are made in the image and likeness of your Creator, so you embody aspects of all of those qualities. Your inner Divine light is pure and bright in truth, and no mistake can undo God’s handiwork of true perfection. Don’t be afraid of your power, your magnificence, or your wisdom. When you succeed, you inspire others. When you change you life so that it’s more aligned with your interested, you inspire others. Be powerful! Be magnificent! This is who you are.”

Archangel Michael’s name means “He who is like God,” since he emanates the Creator’s awesome qualities of love, power, strength, and unwavering faith. When you call upon Michael, your own similar qualities are enchanted and magnified. Ask Michael to enter your dreams and clear away any fears that are blocking you from fully enjoying and living your spiritual gifts and qualities. He works especially well with us while we’re sleeping, since that’s when we’re more open-minded and receptive.

Today’s Prayer:

Dearest Lord,

It isn’t always easy to find the bright spots in life. Sometimes as soon as I am feeling good, outside forces rear their heads and I am back to feeling scared again. Help me to remember that the most repeated phrase in the Bible is, “Do not be afraid”, and that it must be there for a reason. Help me to look back on other times in my life where I may have felt paralyzed with fear and how the power of prayer and Your love have always carried me through in miraculous ways. I do know it’s true that through you, all things are possible. My life is proof of this.

Thank you for the little gifts that make life bearable like sunshine and warmth, creativity, smiles from strangers, a healthy meal and beautiful music that offers us hope. Thank you for the gift of your love, which ranks above all else.

Nothing has ever been gained from worry and fear. Help us instead to turn our hearts towards hope which gives us complete trust that there is a blessing just around the corner. Meanwhile let us continue to be of good cheer and to sing in the lifeboats!

In your son Jesus name I pray.


But those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

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