Negative Self Talk

Our lives are filled with challenges, changes, fulfillment, surprises, ups and downs. More importantly, they are ours to do with what we wish, each and every day. When we are confused, confined or when we take a wrong turn, we may need some help working through the muddle and getting back on track


Our lives are filled with challenges, changes, fulfillment, surprises, ups and downs. More importantly, they are ours to do with what we wish, each and every day. When we are confused, confined or when we take a wrong turn, we may need some help working through the muddle and getting back on track. It is during these times, especially, that we must believe in ourselves and trust that we can indeed do what we set out to do. Our angels are always with us and they believe in us. They encourage us to do our best, explore the unknown, fulfill our dreams, and then dream anew. Our angels inspire us to be all that we can be.

In the pursuit of happiness many people are too busy to find that which they seek. Frequently the happiness we so passionately desire is found in little events that are but whispered. If we don’t pay attention, we miss them. There can be happiness in the way light falls through the trees or in the way autumn leaves flutter to the ground. There can be happiness in the way our children call for us by name or in the familiar sight of our home as we round the corner two blocks away. Happiness weaves is way through precious memories and valueless keepsakes that are priceless to us. Many take enormous delight in the presence of a beloved pet, just the way they look at us or the unconditional love they pour out upon us. For some, there is genuine delight in the taste of a specially loved food. We are surrounded by that which can be meaningful and full of delight. The question is, will we be still and quiet long enough to enjoy?

Most people’s unhappiness can be traced directly to the tone of the voice in which they talk to themselves–nagging, demanding, criticizing. Simply stopping to notice inspires compassion and integration. Compassion towards oneself is the prototype of the compassion one has for others. Playing self-condemning and self-improvement games keeps people in the path of always seeking but never finding happiness. Recognize and acknowledge that you are a truly beautiful person you are just the way you are right now!

I’ve discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude!”

How often have you heard the phrase, ‘Nobody’s perfect,’ or even said it yourself? This phrase brings to mind some unspoken judgment that you should be perfect, that you should be able to do and have it all. Well, did you know that unrealistic sense of perfection actually gets in the way of achieving your dreams?

That inner critic, who is inside many of us, is nothing but a troublemaker! I am talking about that nagging little voice inside of you that says, ‘I don’t know if I can do that,’ or ‘I’m not good enough,’ or even, ‘why bother trying when I know it won’t work.’ That inner critic accepts nothing short of perfection!  And let’s face it, life is far from perfect!

But back to our inner critic. What it is? It comes from a lack of self-confidence, plain and simple. The funny thing about lacking confidence is that it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable. It has more to do with having unreasonably high expectations. When you accept only perfection, then who on earth can possibly measure up?

What you really need to keep you moving forward are realistic, doable expectations, and the ability to keep a positive outlook, even if you do make a mistake or fail in some plan. As former First Lady Rosalyn Carter has said, ‘Once you accept the fact that you’re not perfect, then you develop some confidence.’

When you are self-confident—and I’m not talking about being a ‘know-it-all’—you know and trust your abilities and set realistic expectations. You can keep a positive outlook and accept the fact that you can make mistakes or even fail, without being wrong or incapable.

So the next time you find yourself expecting perfection, just remind yourself that ‘nobody’s perfect.’


From The Angels: ( As always, if this speaks to you, it’s meant for you!)

signs Signs: You have asked for a sign from your angels. Pay close attention to everything going on around you scents, color, objects. Be aware of the messages they are trying to alert you … notice sounds, objects.

You’ve asked for heaven to help you. This card signifies that your angels are trying to get your attention with signs.

They are trying to make contact with you.

answered-prayer Answered Prayer: Each day connect with your soul allow the divine light in. Your prayers have been answered.

In your life find a way to experience spiritual devotion through prayer or meditation in a way that brings out devotional qualities. These qualities or energies are healing. They drive away anger. All of your prayers are always answered.

The angels request that you be observant of everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, or sense in any way it is an aspect of Divinity.

power Power:   The power of your Creator is within you. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing a situation that seems larger than life or something that is a small hurdle the angels and God want to help you overcome it all!

The key to finding resolve in so many of life’s circumstances is to stay in the right frame of mind. You have the power of your Creator within you, all of the His greatness brings into focus who He is; faithful, righteous, good, honest and it diminishes the negative problems you are facing.

You have all the power of Divine love it is unlimited allow yourself shine. He is the one who with just his voice spoke the world and universe and cosmos into being, yet he is interested in the smallest and most intimate details of your life.

Father in Heaven,

ever-living source of all that is good,

keep me faithful in serving You.

Help me to drink of Christ’s Truth,

and fill my heart with His Love

so that I may serve You in faith

and love and reach eternal life.

In the Sacrament of the Eucharist

You give me the joy of sharing Your Life.

Keep me in Your presence.

Let me never be separated from You

and help me to do Your Will.



Church Lady Woes

In a nano second my mind wandered away, thinking about how much I love my work and the many positive experiences I get to have while working in a church that isn’t of my denomination.


This morning before I got out of bed, I laid there in an attempt to pray. I was lying there asking God to take care of my loved ones and to keep everyone happy, healthy and secure. Also I was seeking help on my current employment situation. (I am just not sure I am supposed to be where I am any more.)

In a nano second my mind wandered away, thinking about how much I love my work and the many positive experiences I get to have while working in a church that isn’t of my denomination. I am Catholic. I work for a liberal Baptist church. Their hands are in everything imaginable and it’s a beautiful thing to witness and on occasion, to get to be involved in.

What has always interested me about this job is what goes on behind the scenes. Growing up a Catholic girl, I only experienced Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation Masses, funerals and Weddings. Aside from the one time as an adult that I joined a new church, I don’t recall ever setting foot inside a church office.

(Wait. There was one other time where I visited a favorite Priest to talk with him about my experience with The Blessed Mother and the Angels. That was a lovely experience I will talk about another day.)

The point is that I don’t think I ever thought about what goes into running a church. Who makes the decisions;how do things operate; how do the bills get paid; where does the money come from? Who steers the direction? Who decides what events to have, etc. Does “The church lady” really exist?

It is mind boggling. (She does exist, by the way, and she has lots of church lady friends.)

Catholics look to the clergy and the clergy have a very clear hierarchy. Most Catholic Churches have a Parish administrator who handles the business end of their affairs and there isn’t much wiggle room. This is not the case where I work. Everything done within my workplace is done by committee. One team handles personnel, another team handles, finances, another team handles worship, another team handles memorials and so on, and on, and on. Every three years the teams rotate.

For the most part everything works out just fine, but there are some years where the tides turn and I start to feel frustrated when things are done that I personally do not agree with. Usually problems occur when someone appears to be acting out of ego instead of what’s in the best interest of the church. This is where I am right now. I don’t like ego-driven anything especially when it interferes with my work happiness.

For the first time I find myself seriously questioning whether or not I am in the right place. It makes me sad.

Returning to my prayers with apologies to the Lord for being so distracted, I hear in my heart:

Dear Child:

Be still and know that I am near. You will hear my direction when your heart is clear and the time is right. For now, offer your best in all that you do. Do take better care of your temple. In this, you will find your joy.

Breathe in. Fill yourself with my love. It is there.

All is well.


Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?  Matthew 6:25-34

From the Angels:

divine-timing Divine Timing: Change can be fast, yet keep in mind the importance of patience and Divine timing, developing a trust in the unseen mysteries of spirit working in your life.

The more that you can approach your own shifting with loving kindness, the smoother your road of change will be. On some days it may still feel like a roller coaster ride, yet your self-love can help you to have the necessary steadiness within.

Pay close attention to doors that are open to you. As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, angels surround you with their love and blessings.

imageHealing: The highest purpose of your healer guides is to restore your self-awareness and self-esteem as children of God and help you accept the love and unlimited blessings that God grants you.

Opening your heart and mind to your worthiness is the best healing of all.

harmony Harmony: Strife, confusion and conflict be gone. A difference of opinion has clouded your thoughts.

If you change your focus and look for the common ground of peace, you can bring harmony into your relationships again.

You know that one of the most powerful ways you can fight for your relationships is to be a peacemaker? Beloved child of God, you are a peace-lover at heart. You are bringing unity into your relationships.

Focus and look for the common ground of peace, you can bring harmony into your relationships again, you become an Earth angel. Remember, God and the angels tells us that blessed are the peacemakers. When we dwell together in unity, we honor God and open the door for His hand of blessing in every area of our lives!


Life is a tapestry: We are the warp; angels, the weft; God, the weaver. Only the Weaver sees the whole design.


On Finding Focus

How many times do we send up our daily prayers, not really believing or feeling like we know, they are being received by an actual individual, who will respond not only with love but also with an answer?


Lately, before I jump out of bed each morning, I try to take a few moments to remember my dreams.  I then ask the angels what to talk about in my morning blogs.  I’m finding that this helps me to remain focused.  It may seem a silly thing, but writing these notes every morning are helping me to stay grounded. When I get sidetracked from my writing for any amount of time, I start to feel “out of whack”.  For me, there is something special about spilling the contents of my heart, knowing full-well that someone “out there” might be lifted in some capacity. It’s a wonderful, lovely, and very fulfilling act.

I almost liken it to prayer.  How many times do we send up our daily prayers, not really believing or feeling like we know, they are being received by an actual individual, who will respond not only with love but also with an answer?  How many times do we actually stop and focus on the fact that our prayers are not just words and feelings that we’re sending up and out to nowhereville?   

I’ve told the story a million times that a long time ago I started praying aloud each night.  I pretended that Jesus was sitting in the chair across the room and I would sit each night and have a full-on conversation with Him.  This practice came as a by-product of my visits to church when I was pregnant.  I used to go there when I knew the place would be empty and I’d kneel in the Grotto under the statue of Mary and just pour out my soul to Her, right out loud.  After some time passed, I started to hear Her responses to me.  One night at home, just before I started my evening prayers I remembered that She said she always leads Her children back to God.  Something clicked and I just started my little practice of talking to Jesus sitting in the chair across the room.

You know what happened?  I finally realized once and for all, that prayers are actually conversations.  Often people get caught up in a particular religion and they think of prayer as something that has to come with a lot of ritual and formality.  I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t. The only thing that matters is that you pour out your heart knowing that you are being heard and that you will be answered.

Just like working with angels, it’s important to be positive and not to doubt that your answer will come. It may not always come in the form that you expect, but it does come, in God’s time.


An Angel Reminder:  A life, like a camera, cannot produce clear results without focus.

We all go through periods in which we can’t seem to accomplish anything meaningful.  At these frustrating times we need to develop the very quality that we seem to lack the most–a sense of focus.  When we are focused, we have a goal, and we do not allow ourselves to become distracted by activities or people who get in the way of our reaching it.  We have properly prioritized our time and energy, and no matter what obstacles or discouragements we may encounter, our goal remains in focus.  How does one become focused?  The angels suggest that we begin with the little things.  When we can successfully focus on setting small daily goals and completing them, we can then turn our attention to the larger projects or activities that give our lives meaning and purpose and excite our interests and passions.  Because the angels love to see us court life with the ardor of the lover for the beloved, they can help us pursue what gives us joy and enhances our lives and the lives of others.

On a sheet of paper, make two columns.  If there are areas in your life in which you would like to be more focused–for instance, career, personal relationships, getting in shape–write them down on the left-hand column.  In the right-hand column write down any actions you can think of that might help you develop focus.  Now ask [God and] the angels to give you the concentration and clarity of vision you need to reach your goals.

An Angelic Reflection:  I am focused on my bliss and my purpose.

 (©Angel Wisdom:  Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain.  © 1994, Harper-Collins)

From The Angels:

meditation Meditation: When we meditate, we begin to feel the touch of our spirit we sense our vibration increasing in an internal, eternal, melding of self with our soul. Meditation is very important you are encouraged to practicing it often.

A quiet mind hears the voice of the angels more easily. The more you relax your mind, the easier it is for you to hear the answer.

Open our heart and mind, this abundant love has no boundaries.

listening Listening: It’s easy to get busy in life trying to do everything at once. You can listen and work at the same time but sometimes multi-tasking isn’t the best use of our time. Sometimes we have to stop, look people in the eyes, and give them the gift of listening.

We need to take time to deposit value in their hearts. We need to support one another, and listening is an amazing way of doing just that.

As you go about your day, the angels remind you to give people the gift of listening. It seems like such a little thing, but those little deposits will eventually make a big difference. When you make deposits in people, you are making deposits in eternity, and that is what pleases the heart of God.

new-beginnings New Beginnings: This is an opportunity to begin a new start you have great opportunities arise and new experiences.

Enjoy the new energy in your life, including new opportunities, people, and projects. Drastic change can be frightening the angels surround you now with loving energy.

Prayer for Today:

Dearest Lord:

Help me to  be clearer in my thoughts and deeds. This earthly world with all of its distractions overwhelms me at times and I forget where my focus needs to be. You always know what’s best for me. Guide me where you will have me.

I know that through you, all things are possible and so I thank you in advance for your love and Blessings.


Too Much Noise

Nothing outside of what I am hearing and feeling in my own heart can ground me more or make me feel better.

happy-heartI am a person who needs a certain amount of silence in my daily life . I am happiest and most grounded the days I am able to be quiet at home and not have to listen or talk much at all. In fact, I’ve found it’s essential to my well-being. This is because for my entire life I’ve embraced my spiritual/mystical side. Nothing outside of what I’m hearing in my heart can ground me or make me feel better. Outside influences, however, can knock me off track so quickly, I may not even realize why I’m feeling out of sorts.

I just noticed recently that I’m walking around with a weird buzzing in my ears at times. I finally figured out this is because I’ve been inadvertently sleeping with the television on (sound turned off). For me, it doesn’t matter if there is sound or not. The subconscious mind is always listening and in this case, picking up on that electronic buzzing sound. That buzz alone is fully capable of (and has been) throwing me out of balance.

It’s of the utmost importance to find time every single day to turn OFF electronic devices, step away from the computer, take the ear buds OUT and listen to the rejuvenating silence of the heart.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Take some stock of how much time you are spending connected to any form of outside noise, then compare it to how much time you actually spend disconnected from electronic devices. If it’s disproportionate (and I suspect it is), you might have an answer as to why you are sometimes upset and feeling disjointed and even depressed, and don’t know why.

From the Angels:

image Serenity:  You are free from stress and your disposition is of greater inner peace and tranquility..

Even if your unable to resolve a current task at hand, your peace of mind and faith will allow you to trust that the angels and God will take care of you. If something in your life isn’t working, be willing to release it to God and the angels.

The angels reassure you that tranquility and refreshed peace of mind is within you. As you work toward serenity, and inner peace your life’s unforeseen problems begin to lessen and disappear.

image Archangel Michael: Rapid change is often unsettling and can be stressful, but only because it seems to be too rapid and therefore threatening. Remember that you have agreed on the higher level to be part of the change, and that the changes are to bring in Light, Love, Joy and Abundance.

Operate from your Heart rather than your head. If there is fear, then it is coming from your head. Stay grounded and open, and be practical. If you are in the flow of Divine Creative energy, then you cannot fail.

Archangel Michael is making his presence known to you. Remember that you are Safe and Protected at all times, and that all is in Divine Order at all times! If you trust Divine Order, and not your old habits, you will be fine! God and the angels will help you stay true to yourself during trying times.

image Healing: The highest purpose of your healer guides is to restore your self-awareness and self-esteem as children of God and help you accept the love and unlimited blessings that God grants you.

Opening your heart and mind to your worthiness is the best healing of all.


Mistaken Identity


Growing up I was one of the kids always picked last in gym class. Although I remember cringing sometimes, most of the time I just did not care. I wasn’t a particularly uncoordinated kid or overweight or weak. My issue was being afraid to really try for fear of making a fool out of myself, which in itself was kind of funny, since I spent most of my time purposefully making people laugh. No one tortured me or made huge fun of me either. They just didn’t want me on their team. Fine.

I was not put in honor’s classes or even among the smartest of my class all the way through high school and into my first year of college. I can’t remember ever feeling hugely inferior, but I do remember being irritated always being in the mid level groups, but not irritated enough to do anything about it. I’m not even sure I realized there was something I could do about it.

Long about sophomore year in college, I took a sociology class, taught by a highly unconventional professor. Although I cannot remember the details, I remember how infuriated my classmates used to be in this class. They couldn’t understand his methods. He didn’t follow a lesson-plan. He didn’t test us. He required us to write papers about odd topics. What amused me most was that I understood exactly what he was trying to do, from the very beginning. I sat there, day in and day out listening to him speak, wishing I could stand up to say to my classmates, “Just hold on…eventually what he’s doing will make sense to you.”. The first time I wrote a paper for him, I received an A+. The second time I wrote a paper for him, I received an A+ and so on. I couldn’t believe it. One of the by-products of taking his class was the realization that if I knew who my audience was, I could really write. I started applying this to my other classes. It worked every time. Before I turned around twice, I was a straight “A” student.

Who? ME?

The key, I believe, was in my applying myself. How many of us used to get the report from parent-teacher conferences: “Does not work to full potential”, “failure to apply oneself”. I never knew what that even meant until college.

Junior year in college, I was looking for an easy credit to take for my P.E. requirement so I took, “Walking”. (I fig ured I already had a jump on this one since I’d learned to walk early in life.) Imagine my chagrin when it turned out that this was one of the tougher classes I’d ever taken. Ha, the joke was on all of us looking for an easy “A”. We were tested every week on anatomy, physiology, health, fitness, nutrition etc. In addition to this we were required to do “timed” walks several miles a day, right from the very first day. Again, I made a shocking discovery: I liked to finish first. By then end of this class, I was actually running five miles each period and because I enjoyed “winning”, I was pushing myself harder and harder. No one scored higher than I did. No one went faster than I did.

What’s the point? I grew up thinking I wasn’t athletic. I always knew I had a quick wit, but I don’t think I ever realized just how capable and smart I could be until later in life. I don’t think anyone ever really put a label on me or threatened me in any way, but I definitely lived under a mistaken impression for a while.

I wonder how many of us are still living under a mistaken identity?

Today is a perfect day to reflect on the fact that we are all part of a consistent evolution.

What can you do today that you thought you’d never be doing in your life? What do you still want to do?

We’re not wearing concrete shoes, ya know. What are you waiting for?


NEVER AGAIN will I confess or focus on discontent, because the Word says: “I have learned in whatever state (circumstances) I am, to be content.” (Philippians 4:11)

NEVER AGAIN will I confess or focus on unworthiness, because the Word says: “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” (2 Corinthians 5:21)

NEVER AGAIN will I confess or focus on confusion, because the Word says: “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” (1 Corinthians 14)

Prayer for Today:
Each day is a blessing
of epic proportions.
I give thanks for
what might seem meager comforts:
real cream in my coffee,
a day without a bill in the mail,
the Paso Doble.
Sometimes life is a dance
a woman has to do backwards
pushing against the wind
and obstacles in the way.
Thank You for being the partner
who always leads.
-Ruth Williams