About Me

I’m just a person who likes to express myself through writing.

Most people know me from another blog I used to write, entitled: Bobbe’s Trinity Angels.  This isn’t that.

So often I feel like writing about random happenings in my life.  I sign on to that site and what I want to write doesn’t seem appropriate, so I keep it bottled inside. So here is where I will post those items that do not always fit into the “inspirational musings” category. I can weave inspiration into most anything, but in my real life, sometimes I do feel pain, sadness,  sorrow, silliness, weirdness and yes, even outrage. So because I’m a person who feels better when things are in the “proper” place, this will be the space for all that.

Welcome to my world!  -Bobbe

This is me

More on Bobbe Ann Crouch:

A graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in Fine Arts (Graphic Design emphasis) and three minors: Journalism, World Religion and Spanish; Bobbe Ann Crouch has worked for over thirty years in the accounting world; making her way from “Girl Friday” to Vice President and eventually full partner in her firm.

Throughout her accounting career she has been instrumental in helping to build multimillion dollar corporations from the ground up. An extensive background in forensic accounting enabled her to protect her clients from white collar crime and to uncover theft of all varieties; large and small.

Currently she serves as the President and CEO of Trinity Angels Productions and is at work on a number of feature films and television projects.  She also works part-time as the Finance Manager for a beautiful Louisville Church where additionally, she shops for, cooks and serves their Fellowship Meal every Wednesday.

Crouch is an award-winning free lance writer. She’s a long time blogger via multiple social networks, where her inspirational pieces most often are among the top three in the category of Dreams and Supernatural and regularly fall among the Top 25 of the 1,000,000 blogs submitted daily.

For the past twenty plus years she has owned and operated her private website, Trinity Angels, where she has utilized her spare time to counsel those people seeking a greater spiritual connection in their lives. Her first novel, “Silent Prayer”, which is the true story of her own walk through the world of spirituality, is forthcoming.

Together with partner, Chuck Wagner, she formed Trinity Angels Productions (2007) with the idea of bringing about positive change in the world through feature films. For the past several years, the two have worked in the world of reality television development and filmed a number of pilots for major networks.

Crouch loves feeding the masses, whether it be with food, spiritual encouragement, good stories, giggles or inspiration (and she’s got a cute dog, too!)


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