Nay Sayers Beware!


I have such a problem with “Nay-Sayers”. I work part-time in a church that ministers to all people, but there is a special interest with people from foreign countries who are adjusting to life here in the states.  These are not people illegally crossing borders, rather these are political refugees, who have had to flee their own countries because of unrest and inhumane treatment.

From a wee tot, according to my own mother, I’ve had an affection for those not of my own race, creed, color etc.  It’s a no-brainer for me to LOVE, period.  She says that I came out of the womb trusting and loving everyone.

So when I start my weekend with a few extra kids in tow, I’m happy. In fact, I’m happier than I usually am, because I’m getting to have an experience where I might get to enrich the life of someone else, give hope, give love and just have FUN. Yes, it’s tiring, but what is a better tired than helping, healing and having fun?

It bothers me very much when people say to me, “Don’t get too invested.”; “You need to rest”;  “You need to stop caring so much.” (Really?!!) My personal pet peeve is this statement, “Don’t make this a habit; you cannot afford it and you need to rest-you have too many jobs, all ready.”

Usually this stupid advice comes from people who have bigger finances (or agendas for me) than I do. Okay that’s great advice, but then, WHO is going to reach out and touch people?  Yes, I am not a rich person, but do I need to wait until I reach a certain level of financial security before I act in order to help make another life a little happier or better?

And then I wonder, what makes people so ridiculous that they cannot understand that we are supposed to help one another whenever and wherever we CAN.  We don’t WAIT until we have a certain bank account. We don’t WAIT until we FEEL like it.  We are supposed to act when the situation presents itself, period. The reward for this so out-weighs anything my imagination can conceive.

I went to Catholic school all of my life and one of the themes we were supposed to learn was, “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for Me.”  I took that to heart from an early age and I have lived my life accordingly.  I have never had a lot of money to give, but I’ve always given of my time and heart and I will continue, no matter WHAT any one tells me.

There IS no greater joy in the world than in sharing of oneself with someone who needs it.  The reciprocation comes in the love exchanged and yes, I think I’m a junkie with regard to this. Sue me.  I like to have fun. I like to give. I like to feel that in some, small way, I’m doing my part in this world.

God sees.

I spent the weekend with beautiful children, whom I adore and love. We didn’t do a lot more than just eat, giggle, play games and watch movies.  Today, we went swimming. The weekend cost me a lot in energy (and some sunburn), but what does THAT cost? I can get that back in a little lotion and one night’s good smiley-sleep. (Yes, I smile in my sleep after every weekend like the one I just had.)

I wonder what makes people discourage people from doing what’s right? I know if the situation were reversed, I’d be the first one begging to get involved. (Wait.  That IS how I got involved in the first place!) Still, that doesn’t always happen on the flip side. I often receive the nay-say comments telling me to stop it, “you don’t have time for this- you do too much all ready.”

Really?  If everyone listened to this advice, how would the world even work?

I will not post photos of the smiles from this weekend.  Instead I will just say that yes, I’m tired, but my heart is FULL and I WILL do it again and again and again.  God sees and I know in my heart He’s happy, because I didn’t have to do this. I did it because it was what I wanted to do to make a few little people smile and they did.  I repeat, I will do it again.

Nay-Sayers beware. WHY are you telling me NOT to get involved? What does this say about you?

I try so hard to figure it out.  I know on some level, it’s not about me or my actions. It’s always about the Nay-Sayer and what he/she feels about herself.

Whatever it is, telling me not to do something that I know in my heart is right, will never deter me from action. Instead, I’d rather just have people ask me if I had fun and when I say, yes, simply answer, “Good. I”m glad.”

Even better? Figure out how you can be of service as well and if you don’t know just ask me.  I have a million ideas!

Disclaimer: After having read this over to myself, I want to be certain to say that not everyone in my life discourages me. Also, that I am in no way trying to say that I am a better person than anyone else. I’m just having a rant about the people who try to discourage me from taking action when I want to.

Some people have a passion for sports; some have a passion for art; some have a passion for relaxation.  I just have a passion for feeling good and I get that from being of service.  It’s really nothing more than this. I often tell people who are on the out-skirts of a bout of depression that the surest way to avoid it, is to BE OF SERVICE to someone else. It’s tried and true in this girl’s life.


“The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’  -Matthew 25:40





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6 thoughts on “Nay Sayers Beware!”

  1. This hits so close to home!! A few years ago I was dealing with some medical issues, in hindsight I see that a medication they put me on had some very negative effects on my body and between no doctor linking the new medication with my symptoms and me accusing medical staff of leaving a piece of metal in my body I ended up having to take a phyc eval. At the end of the evaluation, by a phycologist the docs trusted, the only thing he could find “wrong” with me was I cared too much about other people. Really?!?!? I thought to myself…I’ll take it!! At my low times I see how this can be harmful because when a person cares so much about others they tend to not take as much care or time for themselves and can easily become run down…BUT I do realize its a good thing to be able to care so deeply cause as you said there are times you have to wonder who else would reach out?!? Wish I could think the answer would be anyone who saw the need, but also as you stated most are too busy, don’t have what they consider to be enough money…but at those times, money and other things in life shouldn’t hold someone back to being of service and helping another, whether it’s to smile again, cross the road, a hand to hold at a scary time, a week of work to assist a friend or years of service to better others lives, we should just be ready to help in anyway we can!! They may be far and few between that have that strong desire in their heart to be of service every chance they can regardless of the cost but I’m glad to call you my friend as I know you are one of those who would give it all up if it would better someone else’s life and expect nothing in return! I try my best to be that way, I stumble and a fall but I always make it back to this path and I wouldn’t give up my caring “too much” for anything! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’ve been swamped and have not had the chance to read this. Good blog as usual. I love that about you!! The fact that your true joy comes from helping others where and when you can. I’ve been a recipient…so trust me it’s appreciated. It is silly when people say that!! I know I tell you to rest often cause I know you are very busy most of the time!! Maybe some people are just saying to don’t forget to take care of YOU too 😉 but I know there’s a ton of nay Sayers. I personally think society is more selfish than they ever have been in life since I can remember. I also think people ARE spread too thin!! At this point in my life I’m an emotional mess and part of it is due to feeling like I can’t “help people more,” because that is what feeds my spirit too. I love people and I am very passionate about injustice and hurting people around the world. Sometimes I have to remind myself…the most important job I have in life is to help and take care of my daughter!! And if I can’t or do not have the energy to add yet another activity to my list…IT DOES NOT MEAN IM A UNCARING SELFISH PERSON. I’m a single mom who works a very busy recruiter job where I’m the busiest in the office and leading the office, I’m an ambassador and selling Plexus products, I’m getting more involved in church, I’m diligently getting up every morning at 5/6 am way before I have to leave to spend time with God, making numerous post to advertise my plexus business, as well as posts to help encourage my FB friends and most important take care of my daughter. So my job(s)/choices are almost 24/7 at this point in time in my life!! I admire that you handle it so well…I on the other hand want to physically get out and help more people and I’m plain exhausted. This exhaustion is making me irritable and grouchy with my daughter…which makes me feel horrible!! Anyway…keep helping and loving cause when I can I am/will just the same. I just have to make sure I’m helping my child first before anything…as her life is my responsibility!! Love you!

  3. You got it Angela! When I was a single Mom, I was constantly trying this and that to be of service and to help. In the end, I realized the hard way, that my first priority always until my daughter was grown should have been to take care of myself so I could be there for her in all ways. It’s a lot easier for me to be of service NOW because it’s just Charlie and I and our time is our own. So you keep on keeping on. You are doing a great job. XOXOXO <3

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