Please help me WIN!

HOLY COW! I am entered into the Favorite Chef contest & The voting is today! Will you please vote for me?

I have a HUGE request for TODAY!! I was recently accepted to compete in the International “Favorite Chef” Contest sponsored by Bon Appétit Magazine. The winner gets to appear in the magazine (OMG!!) and ALSO wins $20,000.00!

(GASP! SWOON!)MY FATE depends ENTIRELY on the willingness of my friends to VOTE for me (often) and to SHARE the link to vote (It’s completely based on online votes). I am going to be counting on you! The voting begins TODAY, February 16th!

Can I count on you to help me? Pretty please?

Here is the link! AFTER you vote, please forward this letter to anyone you think might vote and share with their friends!

VOTING STARTS TODAY (the 16th) AT 10:00 PST and 1:00 EST!

THANK YOU from the DEPTHS of my soul! Please share this page!