Five of My Absolute Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and a Bonus!

First, let it be known that I’m really not a “gadget-person”. Typically I might try “the latest thing” once every couple of years and then go back to doing things the old fashioned way. I’m just not a trend follower and I definitely do not like to waste money.

That being said, I do have several things in my kitchen that have become tried and true favorites that I’d be lost without. I’ve gifted all of these to friends and family and THEY have loved them, too.

Full disclosure: If you click through these links and decide to purchase, I will get a commission (and love you forever), but honestly, these are things I actually use and swear by. For a long time people have asked for my list and until just a while ago, I didn’t know how to post it.

Now I do. I hope you enjoy!

PS-Not one of these items is expensive, but they are all worthwhile. ❤

The first one really blew my mind when I tried it. It’s small, battery operated can opener. I’ll spare you the long description of what it does because guess what? It’s a hands free can opener that fits perfectly in any of your kitchen drawers. No more hand cranking. No more having to have the can opener on the counter. No more holding down the lever to make the wheels turn. (IYKYK)

What? These little things make unusual and excellent Hostess gifts!

My friends, meet Kitchen Mama!

If you are a foodie, like I am, you have watched a million or more cooking shows. What do they ALWAYS tell us with regard to shredded cheese? Let’s say it together shall we? “Always grate your own cheese. Don’t buy the pre-grated stuff because it contains anti-caking ingredients.” It’s true and the bonus is that a block of cheese costs less, lasts longer, tastes and melts better than the pre-grated stuff.

I know you can put a block of cheese in your food processor and do it, but I do not have a food processor. I wanted something that would be easy to clean and easy to use. I read all the reviews on tons of these things. I loved this because it suctions to the counter top, has attachments and I can grate a block of cheese in literally a few seconds. Clean up is a breeze: just take it apart and put the pieces in the dishwasher!

This is the one I use and have gifted to others a million times: Best Cheese Grater EVER!

Not so very long ago one of my dear friends wrote and asked me to recommend some really great cookware. I totally forgot to answer her, so I hope she happens to see this.

Aside from my cast iron skillets, this Calphalon pan is my absolute favorite pan in the world. When I ordered it, I didn’t even realize it comes in a two pan set! One is 8″ (perfect for omelet making) and a 10″ (perfect for pancakes, scrambled eggs, French toast, etc.)

These are very light weight and they clean up so easily, it’s ridiculous. Oh and yes, you can use them for anything-not just for breakfast!

Here’s the link: Calphalon Nonstick Frying Pan Set

This next item still blows me away each time I use it. I have two of them that sit side by side inside a drawer next to my stove. One is used for aluminum foil and the other for plastic wrap.

Don’t you hate having to fight the box when you’re trying to rip off a sheet of either plastic wrap or aluminum foil? These are officially called “Plastic Wrap Dispensers” but as stated before, I use them for foil too and it just occurred to me that it would work for parchment paper as well.

When you want a sheet, all you do is pull it out of the box, place it over your item and us the slide cutter.

Here’s the link: Refillable Plastic Wrap Dispenser

A few years ago my husband and I got on the Vital Proteins Collagen kick. (Yes it works.) We add it to our coffee every morning and sometimes we also add MCT Oil. I wanted a frother for easy mixing so we bought one at our local grocery store. It was simply terrible. It wobbled, sputtered and was generally a rip off.

I turned to Amazon, bought this one and have not looked back. I was just looking to see the date of my purchase. Try 2017 on for size. We haven’t had a single issue. This little guy still works perfectly and it gets used every day.

Here’s the link: Frother

Last but not least (for now anyway), something I think makes a hilarious gift for a co-worker. Yes, I’ve done it and yes, it went over well.

Not much can be said other than it’s funny and it’s a mug! LOL!

Here’s the link: World’s Okayest Employee

That’s it for today. If you like this post and want me to add some more fun stuff every now and then, let me know.

I have a new recipe about to be posted for Beef Brisket in the crock pot. It’s the best brisket I think I’ve ever made and it was simple. Can’t wait for you to try it!

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