Please Help Me Win Favorite Chef!

It’s me again. I know I asked this yesterday, but here is more of an explanation as to why I need your votes!


Here is a Television spot that I appeared in to talk and cry about this contest! ❤

(The link to vote for me in the contest is at the bottom of the page.)

For the first phase of this contest, I need continual daily votes until March 4th, when they will limit the contestants to the TOP 10. (Currently I am in first place in my group.) THEN for the next week, they will reduce each group to the Top 5 and then finally to the Top 1. Once that happens, all of the Top 1’s in the groups will compete against each other.

If you would like to see who is beating me and who is behind me, just click through and where it says, “Currently 1st in their GROUP”, click on the word “Group” and you can visit the other profiles…BUT DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM! (ha ha.) You can also click on the “Discover” link at the top to see ALL of the incredible talent I am competing against!

Please keep in mind that the ultimate prize is $50,000K AND the winner gets to appear in Bon Appétit Magazine! Amazing!

PLEASE PLEASE VOTE and SHARE this post to your social media pages. ONE free vote is allowed every 24 hours.

I cannot thank all of you enough and for those of you who have taken it upon yourself to donate cash in order for me to have MORE votes….MY HEART is so full. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Here is the all important LINK! While you are there, don’t forget to read all about what I do, how I got started cooking AND why I want to win. There are all kinds of photos there too.

Author: Bobbe

I'm just a person. I've been a mystic sharing inspirational experiences and stories my entire life. This blog is a personal experiment in self reflection and expression with a few recipes sprinkled in for good measure. (I've always got something cooking!)

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