Ask. Believe. Receive.

Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

This morning as I was lying in bed (for the third day) obsessing over a test I have tomorrow, the quote above passed through my mind. Then I started berating myself over the fact that I have all ready given this issue to God and I shouldn’t be even thinking about it any more. I paused and literally pictured myself opening a gold box, putting my anxiety in, closing it and handing it to God.

Whatever will be, will be and who better to handle my issue than God?

I am normally the poster child for the saying, “Ask. Believe. Receive. Say thank you.”, yet for whatever reason with this test, I am having trouble giving it completely over. (Sorry God.)

Whenever this happens I force myself to get busy and find something to do that will take my mind elsewhere. Yesterday, the house got cleaned top to bottom. Today, I will pack up my little dog, Sammy, and go over and spend the day at my Mom’s.

Today will be an exercise in practicing what I preach. Once an issue has been given over to God, it needs to stay there. I have no power over it and it has no power over me any more.

Interestingly, when I opened my computer this morning, the first thing I saw was the following letter. I wrote it about five years ago and yet, it is as true today as it was then.


No. Such. Thing.

Dear Child:

Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened. You know all of this. Carry it with you.

Continue to act with a pure heart, choosing each day to carry on with that smile on your face. I am pleased you continue to find joy in your heart. Your spirit touches many. You must not forget to find my Blessings in all that you do, most especially in the difficulties you experience in your daily life.

As I have shown you in the past and continue to show you at the present time….you are not alone. I am ever by your side and in your heart. I will not let you fail so stop looking over your shoulder.

Pray with faith that all is well and so it is.

I love you. Carry On.

©2011, Bobbe Ann Crouch

From the Angels:

image Healing: The highest purpose of your healer guides is to restore your self-awareness and self-esteem as children of God and help you accept the love and unlimited blessings that God grants you.

Opening your heart and mind to your worthiness is the best healing of all.

self-acceptance SelfAcceptance: You are important and know that you are called to add value to the world around you.

You have rich treasure inside you that people need. You have more in you than you realize, and you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

No matter where you are in life today, you have potential to increase, grow, to be strengthened, and to move forward. God created you for His good purpose and you are His masterpiece!

trust Trust: You have to be willing to pour in everything you have before you can see Gods increase flowing in your life. Believe in yourself, the angels emphasize the value of self-trust.

Dear Lord
Watch over us today in all that we do…that we may honor your by our actions towards our brothers and sisters. Help us to be ever mindful that you love each of us equally and that we should learn by your lead.

Remind me constantly that You are ever by my side. You have never failed me and You never will.

Thank you for our many Blessings–especially those that we don’t even realize are there.


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