Day 3 of the 3 Day Quote Challenge!

Challenge accepted and completed as of this posting. What a fun thing to do.

Two days ago I was nominated by my new friend and super blogger Tarnished Soul to do the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I posted the rules yesterday and the day before so in the interest of not boring people to death, I will not repeat it!

Today I nominate these three super cool (and VERY creative) bloggers:

Jaealeta from Aleta’s Attic

The Mouse from Live 2 Eat Eat 2 Live

Jess from Mom Vs. Jess

Today’s Quotes:






In keeping with my tradition of pulling cards for everything I post, here are the ones I’ve drawn for this page. If they speak to you, they are meant for you!

From The Angels:

divine-guidance Divine Guidance: If you could see yourself as spirit sees you, there would be no doubt about the importance of this life. You would understand why it’s so vital that you wake up fully and walk the Earth like the Divine being you truly are. Your angels are inspiring you make your best efforts to create a life worthy of remembering. You know the potency of using your next present moments to masterfully create a new way of being.

Being able to make miracles happen is fundamentally a result of how you choose to align yourself, how you choose to use your mind, and how much faith you have in being able to use it to affect your physical world.

You have teachers, observers, and divine guidance available at any time. This world is your arena for growth and learning with the specific purpose of serving and evolving into higher levels of love. There is a higher power working in the universe beyond mere cause and effect. Pay close attention God and the angels are trying to speak to you.

spiritual-growth Spiritual Growth: Integrate spirituality to a higher degree in your daily live! Enjoy the process!

You are seeking a higher connection a renewed connection with the Divine and you wish you could immerse yourself read, study, learn, or meditate take it all in at once. The exhilaration of moving up to a higher level of consciousness is challenging slow down and enjoy the process.

Trust that the same Power that brought you to your spiritual path will also take care of everything for you.

meditation Meditation: When we meditate, we begin to feel the touch of our spirit we sense our vibration increasing in an internal, eternal, melding of self with our soul. Meditation is very important you are encouraged to practicing it often.

A quiet mind hears the voice of the angels more easily. The more you relax your mind, the easier it is for you to hear the answer.

Open our heart and mind, this abundant love has no boundaries.

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