Scattered Showers & Thunderstorms.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when in the midst of a struggle, we could stop, hit the rewind button and remember that all things happen for a reason and we are never EVER ill-equipped?


“Scattered Showers and Thunderstorms.” For some reason it seems appropriate for me to head my page with this little phrase. How often have we ALL heard the weather man announcing this forecast!?

I feel like this is where I am right now in life. LOL. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on things much more than I’ve allowed myself time for over the past several years and it’s wonderful. What’s interesting is that most of my friends are doing the same thing. The revelations that come when we look back on our lives and realize exactly how we’ve come through certain struggles with relative ease, are fantastic. It doesn’t seem that way while we are going through it, but years (or even months) later, it’s almost always evident that we had all the tools we needed, we learned important lessons about ourselves, and it wasn’t as hard as we made it out to be.

Most often I find that the lesson in all of my conquered struggles is that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. My intuition never fails me and usually if I am having trouble in my life it’s because I’m fighting against what I know in my heart to be correct. Isn’t this where ALL of our issues come from?

Wouldn’t it be nice if when in the midst of a struggle, we could stop, hit the rewind button and remember that all things happen for a reason and we are never EVER ill-equipped? Next time you think you are going through something hard, stop and ask yourself what part of the situation is within your control and what part of the situation isn’t. If it’s within your control, do something positive to provide some form of remedy; even if it’s changing your thoughts about it. The part of it that is not within your control gets given to God with lots of advanced gratitude.

Right this very minute I have that familiar pang of something not being quite right pulling at my heart. It’s an issue that is beyond my control, so I’ve given it over to God. In this case, since it’s beyond my control, the only option is to let it go and give it to God knowing that He can and will heal this situation in a magnificent way.

What’s on your plate right now that you can give to God in order to lighten your load? I’m willing to bet there is something. How much lighter can you make your heart by clearing some of the cluttery things that don’t need to be there?

From The Angels:

signs Signs: You have asked for a sign from your angels. Pay close attention to everything going on around you scents, color, objects. Be aware of the messages they are trying to alert you … notice sounds, objects.

You’ve asked for heaven to help you. This card signifies that your angels are trying to get your attention with signs.

They are trying to make contact with you.

harmony Harmony: Strife, confusion and conflict be gone. A difference of opinion has clouded your thoughts.

If you change your focus and look for the common ground of peace, you can bring harmony into your relationships again.

You know that one of the most powerful ways you can fight for your relationships is to be a peacemaker? Beloved child of God, you are a peace-lover at heart. You are bringing unity into your relationships.

Focus and look for the common ground of peace, you can bring harmony into your relationships again, you become an Earth angel. Remember, God and the angels tells us that blessed are the peacemakers. When we dwell together in unity, we honor God and open the door for His hand of blessing in every area of our lives!

divine-timing Divine Timing: Change can be fast, yet keep in mind the importance of patience and Divine timing, developing a trust in the unseen mysteries of spirit working in your life.

The more that you can approach your own shifting with loving kindness, the smoother your road of change will be. On some days it may still feel like a roller coaster ride, yet your self-love can help you to have the necessary steadiness within.

Pay close attention to doors that are open to you. As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, angels surround you with their love and blessings.

Today’s Prayer:

Dear Lord,

Enlighten what is dark inside me, most especially my faith and trust in You. Help me to conquer the sometimes irrational fears that creep into daily life. Help me to know that I need not concern myself with how things will work out, but rather that through you all things will work out the way they are intended to.

My job is simply to love others as I would have them love me and to honor You in all that I say and do.

Thank you in advance for all that you do.


Author: Bobbe

I'm just a person. I've been a mystic sharing inspirational experiences and stories my entire life. This blog is a personal experiment in self reflection and expression with a few angel readings and recipes sprinkled in for good measure. (I've always got something cooking!)

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