Too Much Noise

Nothing outside of what I am hearing and feeling in my own heart can ground me more or make me feel better.

happy-heartI am a person who needs a certain amount of silence in my daily life . I am happiest and most grounded the days I am able to be quiet at home and not have to listen or talk much at all. In fact, I’ve found it’s essential to my well-being. This is because for my entire life I’ve embraced my spiritual/mystical side. Nothing outside of what I’m hearing in my heart can ground me or make me feel better. Outside influences, however, can knock me off track so quickly, I may not even realize why I’m feeling out of sorts.

I just noticed recently that I’m walking around with a weird buzzing in my ears at times. I finally figured out this is because I’ve been inadvertently sleeping with the television on (sound turned off). For me, it doesn’t matter if there is sound or not. The subconscious mind is always listening and in this case, picking up on that electronic buzzing sound. That buzz alone is fully capable of (and has been) throwing me out of balance.

It’s of the utmost importance to find time every single day to turn OFF electronic devices, step away from the computer, take the ear buds OUT and listen to the rejuvenating silence of the heart.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Take some stock of how much time you are spending connected to any form of outside noise, then compare it to how much time you actually spend disconnected from electronic devices. If it’s disproportionate (and I suspect it is), you might have an answer as to why you are sometimes upset and feeling disjointed and even depressed, and don’t know why.

From the Angels:

image Serenity:  You are free from stress and your disposition is of greater inner peace and tranquility..

Even if your unable to resolve a current task at hand, your peace of mind and faith will allow you to trust that the angels and God will take care of you. If something in your life isn’t working, be willing to release it to God and the angels.

The angels reassure you that tranquility and refreshed peace of mind is within you. As you work toward serenity, and inner peace your life’s unforeseen problems begin to lessen and disappear.

image Archangel Michael: Rapid change is often unsettling and can be stressful, but only because it seems to be too rapid and therefore threatening. Remember that you have agreed on the higher level to be part of the change, and that the changes are to bring in Light, Love, Joy and Abundance.

Operate from your Heart rather than your head. If there is fear, then it is coming from your head. Stay grounded and open, and be practical. If you are in the flow of Divine Creative energy, then you cannot fail.

Archangel Michael is making his presence known to you. Remember that you are Safe and Protected at all times, and that all is in Divine Order at all times! If you trust Divine Order, and not your old habits, you will be fine! God and the angels will help you stay true to yourself during trying times.

image Healing: The highest purpose of your healer guides is to restore your self-awareness and self-esteem as children of God and help you accept the love and unlimited blessings that God grants you.

Opening your heart and mind to your worthiness is the best healing of all.


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